7 Figure Marketing Blueprint – Module 8: Link Building

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7 Figure Marketing Blueprint - Module 8: Link Building

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“Nicole consistently gives excellent information on how to improve one’s ranking in the serps as well as professional advice on how to increase one’s bottom line. I highly recommend her as SEO consultant.” – Madeline Binder, Moderator, StomperNet

Everyone is link building, but is everyone’s link building effective?Probably not!

How Link Building Boosts Your Search Engine Credibility

Google wants you to have authority online because that’s what people want in a website. The best way to show Google that you have authority is by showing that your information is valuable to high ranking, authoritative websites. This is why link building is so crucial to your SEO efforts.

Start Ranking Now’s Link Building System

Start Ranking Now has been working with businesses for years helping them build their authority online through link building. She now wants to show businesses how she has done it so successfully. Not everyone does it like Nicole Munoz does, and that’s why not everyone is able to achieve the page ranks that her sites and those of her clients have over the years.

She’s now opened the doors on her link building system to give you the essential information you need right now to link build your website to success. All of the secrets that her link building team knows is now available to you.

What You Will Get in Module 8: Link Building

In Module 8: Link Building, Start Ranking Now uncovers the secret to create good, strong back links. No black hat methods, and nothing that Google will end up penalizing you for a few months or years down the road. It’s all good, solid advice to get you the best link building, so you can beat out your competition.

This module includes:
• Information on how to evaluate links
• Information on the best Firefox extension for SEO
• Information on the types of links you need for your website
• Explanations on page rank through Google, Alexa rank and domain authority
• Knowing how to tell if a link is follow or no follow, and what that all means
• How to know which sites you should target for links
• How social media profiles help with link building
• How blog comments work, and how to get them
• What to know about online forums
• Information on how to conduct backlink research
• Step-by-step guide on how to follow your back linking efforts
• How to know the backlinks your competition has, so you can try to get the same ones, and then add more to them
• What you should know about press releases
• Why you should be guest posting and becoming a contributor on websites
• How to market your content
• ….And so much more on how to really get your content and website link onto the major syndicated websites

It’s time to take the Internet over with your knowledge. Your business deserves to be on websites that speak of your business’ niche, so start learning how to do it in the most efficient way as possible.

You could research all of this information online for months, but still not have a solid grasp of everything you need to do to increase the authority of your website. Instead of spending all that time, you could buy this module to use as your guide. You can take each section of the module at a time to work on building your empire from the ground up. Or you could take a little bit from each section, to sprinkle your website’s authority all over the Internet at once.

Whatever you choose to do with the information provided in this module is up to you. What’s important is that you have it with you, so you know what to do and how to do it.
Spend your time wisely with the best guide on the Internet today for link building. Your website deserves the recognition that only Google can provide with a star page ranking from link building. Buy your copy now to start link building to success today!

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